The video above will give you most of the info you need to enjoy the day!

Q: How do we check in?

A: Please have your barcoded ticket on your phone ready to scan at the check in venue.  Or you can print it out at home if you prefer!


Q: What time is check in?
A: Please check the Facebook page of your city's event to find out what time you can check in.  Our events are very popular, so please allow plenty of time to arrive, line up, check in and collect your t-shirts and lanyards so you are checked in BEFORE the check in period closes.

Q: What if I can't make it by this time?

A: Simply forward your barcoded ticket to one of your friends, and they can check in for you!  If this is not an option, head to the check in venue anyway, and message us through the contact box below on the day.  Please be patient!  It's a busy day and it's the ticket holder's responsibility to check in on time.  Checking in late will risk missing the first round of trivia.

Q: Do we need a ticket?
A: Yes!  The drinks discounts, food discounts, access to themed drinks, free gifts and entry to the trivia are only available to those with a crawl lanyard.  Some venues such as the opening and closing parties will only be exclusively accessible to ticket holders also.

Q: What if I can no longer attend?
A: Tickets are not refundable, but they are transferable.  Simply forward your ticket to somebody else if you want to.   

Q: What times are the trivia rounds?

The times of vary per city and event, but each round is usually 30 mins apart.

The crawl guide will give you the times.

Q: How does the trivia work?
A: Your crawl guide will give you all the information you need to know.

There will be 3 sets of 25 multiple choice questions and the faster you answer, the more points you earn. You lose points for a wrong answer.
You must have a smart phone with data to play.  If you do play as a team, you must use the same smart phone and the same browser in each round, or the app will not recognize you and therefore your scores will not be added correctly.

Q: How do I enter the costume competition?
A: Your crawl guide will show you how.